The Gathering to honor Peter Grootenhuis

PGBeach2.JPGThis Saturday at 11AM at the Old Town dojo we will be holding ‘the Gathering” to honor the wonderful times we shared with Peter Grootenhuis, Sensei, as fellow students and friends. I hope you may join the seniors and the family.His recent passing was a deep loss to so many of us, and all students hopefully can appreciate his many contributions to the PMA.

Program: traditional weapons class from 10AM to 11AM followed immediately by the Gathering (some words and tales, some performances and dedication kata, all followed by light food and beverages.) Those not attending weapons class should try to arrive by 10:50 AM so we can smoothly transition into the Gathering.

Dress code: karate gi is totally acceptable, you do not need to change out of uniform after the class, other wise just nice clothes but not blue jeans nor shorts, thank you.

We the organizers need your RSVP and any guests since we have to arrange sufficient food. Please email the RSVP right now to this email, or call it in to 619-752-7515. Thank you.

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