PMA’s New Weapons Book Available

For the first time PMA’s unique weapons history and techniques are described in a book!

book kobudo cover

This full-color, 150 page book covers a variety of weapons vocabulary, kata, and drills in detailed text and photo sequences, in addition to stories from the rich history of PMA. Kobudo is the Japanese word generally referring to the study of the Japanese and Okinawan classical weapons in martial arts. Hanbo-do refers to the specialized use of the three foot staff so predominant at the PMA.

book goro teng

Hundreds of pictures featuring past and present students and instructors from PMA …..….. in-depth information on hanbo, jo, tonfa, kama, shindo ……. and requirements for getting a kobudo black belt, and more.*       (*This book, among others, is required reading material for the kobudo black belt test. )

book montage

book table of contents

Order now …. the first 50 copies will be signed by both Master Devine and the author on a special dedication page marking this first edition copy. The cost of the book is $64.65, sales tax included. 10% discount on orders of 2 or more books. Out of town shipping costs are not included.

Pay on-line at and order via the secure payment site OR e-mail and use the quick one click method to charge your credit card on file,  OR contact the author at to order.

(After the initial printing, ordering further books will likely take longer due to the need to print in batches. We are not ordering large extra amounts to keep in stock. Please try to order now.)

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