Ladies’ Appreciation Night


Some leading lady members of the dojo were honored in a short ceremony at the dojo for their contributions this year to both training and service to the dojo. All had proven to be role models in training with consistent training, assisting in the teaching and personal karate development. Also all of them have worked extensively this year on the many dojo events such as tournaments and camps.. For example, Ms. Heather Graves and Ms. Margaret Izotov have been spending many months coaching and guiding the young tournament team, chaperoning to several tournaments, making sure they were well prepared, and more. Ms. Izotov is currently training to enter the Tokyo Olympics. Ms. Alison Smith has been a huge help at our Del Mar dojo  where she backs up Mr. Grootenhuis in the teaching, and also is intense in her study of kobudo weapons.

Ms. Sedlacek also trains four times a week but is invaluable in the organizing work, the dozens of phone calls to students and parents to get them registered for the many different events. Rebecaa Black Sensei who is now a sixth dan and most senior woman ever in the PMA dojo, continues to teach junior programs, assist at the weapons class, helps enormously in managing the belt testing, and much more. Not present in the picture is Ms. Peggy Teng who when not work traveling around the world or running her own Barre studio, continues to support the strong standards of the dojo and its training. Even with limited time she manages all the certificates for example, and is the designer for the many fine camp T-shirts.

Master Devine has frequently said over the years that is generally the ladies who do all the hard working jobs of organizing and keeping the dojo going, and our events so successful. The ladies were given special mementos of lead crystal vases.

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