PMA likes Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-workoutThanksgiving is that special time we appreciate and give thanks. One of those things is our freedom to practice karate and join with others in training for the common cause. This photo is special since it is a group of PMA students holding the night before Thanksgiving workout and also the surprise visit from back east of senior Michael Kaminski (center) leading the drill of these dedicated students. So often throughout the year during some holiday, the prevalent attitude is that a holiday means taking time off from everything that includes work, regular clubs, sports, and particularly karate. I like to think that with the holiday time off students will value the chance to have more time to train. If one likes to eat chocolate for example, having a holiday such as President’s day does not mean to go without chocolate, it does mean you may have more time free to enjoy chocolate. And so it is with karate-do training. So even if you are traveling on this great day, take ten minutes out somewhere and do a kata to reinforce your dedication and commitment.

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