Stars and Stripes on April 23rd

The annual Stars and Stripes karate tournament will be held on Saturday April 23rd at the Coronado High School Gym. PMA students gather and in a unique format, the c62f6-1students are drafted onto teams that compete against each other over several rounds. This gives everyone a lot more things to do such as several katas, several kumite matches and also partner pairs. “Players” get points for their team when they win their various matches. Students are generally matched by age and belt rank to make it all fair. MVP players are also picked by a panel so that there are awards for best kata and best kumite in the various age divisions.

The PMA may be the only dojo that does this type of unique event in the whole country. It allows all students a chance to be on a winning team.

PMA junior team competes at LA

As we approach and prepare for our annual tournament Stars and Stripes on April 23rd, I wanted to share what our tournament team was doing. The PMA  team sent some students to the Lynwood City Championships in LA. As your karate kid makes progress, I hope he or she will one day be on the team as well.LynwoodKarateTour_0014

The tournament was fairly high caliber. Three of our seven students came home with medals. Shown here doing kata are David Chell, Colin Metcalf and Manuel Lacarra. Others on the team  were Javed Osmani and junior members Ethan Diep, Eli Morris and Elias Malouf.Most of the PMA students were basically first timers in outside tournaments and learning the ropes as they faced the best performing students from LA, Las Vegas and other

southern California schools. LynwoodKarateTour_0039

Meanwhile here in San Diego our teachers are getting all our students primed to compete in kata (forms), sparring, and partner pairs. Plan on having all the family and friends join us in April for this large and fun event. Demonstrations, competition, prize draws and more.LynwoodKarateTour_0056

PMA students earn scholarship recognition



scholar awardsOn February 27th about sixty PMA students gathered at Old Town to receive both a special shoulder patch and a beautiful academic certificate to reflect their good standing in school. Students were able to earn the reward by turning in a copy of a good report or other sources of community service. About 100 parents and friends were on hand to support and applaud the students. In the PMA conduct code it says that outside achievement reflects on the whole dojo and the scholarship day of awards is our way of reinforcing that concept. We let the students know that we appreciate their striving and efforts at succeeding. The awards were presented by three Sensei black belts, Michael Brown who currently is a math professor at Mesa College, Rebecca Black who recently retired from teaching at Coronado High, and Rosado Sensei who was an original karate founder and also algebra student in Master Devine’s math class way back then!

Following the tournament day and the awards ceremony, parents created a sumptuous pot luck luncheon with some very tasty food and an abundance of desserts.