Autumnfest tournament results 2015

The Autumnfest in house karate tournament was held on October 24th and the results posted below.

The day featured both competition and a hot dog barbecue to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the PMA as well. Unfortunately the grill broke down so our responsive volunteer parents and students managed to boil up the hot dogs and everyone got fed chips, hots dogs and sodas.

This event is a practice event that gives students experience in competing so they can later do well in the bigger Stars and Stripes tournament of the PMA in April. It also opens a pathway to be a member of the PMA competition team that competes in outside tournaments that includes the national championships.

A final thought for all students to know about competing, when you spar or do kata at your current level, you may not be the best at your level just yet. You are improving day by day in karate so at some point in the future you may very well prove to be among the best competitors. Tournaments however cannot measure properly your self defense skills, the best kicker, the best puncher, your willingness to help and teach others, your sense of respect that you gradually are learning, your developing self confidence, and much more. Tournaments should be enjoyed for what they are, a fun event of competing with classmates for the day…. much like we might get together and play cards, shuffleboard, a baseball game, etc. What you learn from entering is far important.


♦Red belts: kata in order were Isaiah Brown, Ethan Diep, Emma Rose Denton and Elias Malouf

In sparring: I. Brown, E. Malouf,  E. Denton and E. Diep

♦Advanced Boys:

Kata were Ian DeGrood, Adam Nguyen, William Herman and Kieran McConchie

Sparring: I. DeGrood, Wm Herman, Sebastian Salazar, Frank Abellon

♦Ninja White kyu  Belt Boys:

Kata: Isaac Cook, Levi Johnson, Aryk Saldivar, tie 4th were Chris Boksanske and Nick Popa

Sparring: I. Cook, L. Johnson, A. Saldivar, tie fourth were N. Popa and C. Boksanske

♦Ninja Advanced belts:

Kata: Brandon Diep, Brian Herman, Parker Simpao, and Joshua Thompson

Sparring: B. Herman, P. Simpao, B. Diep, J. Thompson

♦Girls Divisions:

Advanced belt Kata: Kaavya Senthil

Advanced sparring vs boys: K. Senthil

♦Lower belt girls

Kata: Edith Robinson, Hayley Smith, Coral Popa, Christiana Caldera

Sparring: C. Caldera, E. Robinson, H. Smith, C. Popa

♦Shogun Advanced Belts below Brown:

kata; Rohan Shinkre, Eli Morris

Sparring: Eli Morris, Rohan Shinkre

♦Shogun Lower belts:

Kata: Aarya Mishra, Neel Mukavilli, Nitya Mukavilli

Sparring:  A. Mishra, Neel Mukavilli, Nitya Mukavilli

♦Black Belt division

Executive division winner in kata and weapons Carol Sedlacek

♦Open division:

kata… Yuri Gorokhov, Seth Brown, Javed Osmani


Black belts did not spar.

Autumnfest karate tournament


Here is Margaret Izotov (black belt) showing off a trophy won at the national competitions this year. You can develop to this level as well. It all starts with these smaller in house tournaments.

Izotov trophy

At the Old Town studio where we have the space to run things quickly and all at once. (2266 San Diego Ave. 92110)

October 24th Saturday
From 2:00 PM to approximately 3:30 PM

A PMA tournament with competition in kata (forms) and kumite (sparring.) Come and cheer your favorite students to victory. Competitors must be current members of the PMA as this is an in  house tournament.

Juniors= ninjas or samurai 6 to 12. (White belts without stripes are not yet ready to compete.)
Seniors= shoguns 13 and up

♪Sparring gear, helmets and gloves required., boots optional

Students compete in age relevant and belt rank relevant groups.

Registering on time:
in order to make up competition lists and draw sheets, awards, etc. we must have your entry by Wednesday, Oct. 21st. On line applications are done  by using payment link.


You can enter two events, and if you a senior, up to three.

Kata ¨ Kumite (Sparring) ¨

Shogun option Special kobudo weapons ¨ for seniors only, a 3rd optional event

COST: $15 total

Options to pay or register:

1. go on line to and use a credit card

2. or write a check or cash in an envelope to PMA and give to instructors or use the drop box provided in the lobby.


♪Competition can be great fun. Autumnfest is intended to give everyone extra practice and preparation before the big and mandatory Stars and Stripes tournament to be held in May next year. Keep in mind that winning only means you had the best kata that day in your division. It does not mean you are the best warrior, the best student, or the next black belt. Have fun first! Learn from being first or tenth! It’s part of life and part of training.